It’s not about dissecting anything, it’s about the inebriation it brings. It’s all about just, very just the essence of nectar the words hold.

Panel 1


With intense feel to be drenched in theĀ essence of literature, I write poetry. If I’m not making poetry, I speak about poetry. When words are the most powerful manifestation, powerful in every possible ways, poetry is the god intoxicated arrangement of words. Here is my idea of words..

The thickest drug, to the humanoid
Takes the high from its brew
An appropriate word!
To woo women, to move from grief
To win a freedom, to sin a death
From the bosom, the eternal essence
To blossom the nerve bud, to twitch the bud’s soul
To verse, to spell
The rain can be of honey nuggets and shit pellets
Was this mixed-ness right to do?!
Words are to save thyself
To save others
O this short life, no time to leave important words unsaid
Let it drip from our tongues like honey,
Trip others
Words, words,
Panel 2