Menon Movies..

The movies in which guitar narrates the story, her saree sings the song, poetic words spread the fragrance, colors make the music and love making the movie. The epitome of “inspiration”. Inspiration for love. Inspiration for life. For a man – to be a son, to be a lover, to be a husband, to be a dad, and to be a man! Inspiration for everything.

The films in which his touch tells all his love, where her foot becomes the poetic part, where English speaks the Tamil literature, where the songs dance along with the story.

For me, all the impacts of these inspirations started with the film Vaaranam Ayiram.

Vaaranam Ayiram, the film that plays around and makes significant the songs – “Uravugal thodarkathai..” and “Kodai kaala katre..”, etches the most valuable lesson for life – “Whatever happens, life has to move on”. And as it came out during my “Kodai kaala katre” days, it remains as the gem inside that influenced me for what I’m now. The mom, saying her love as destiny, the dad preaching the love just by being contacted to the foot of his wife, the dad, working his son out to be the Raja and the tower of his area and to win all the hearts at his college with a lead guitar. The love, blossoming by a beautiful girl at the night train, getting its peak at Golden Bridge, encountering its star-crossed feelings in midtime, and get rejuvenating by the walk of a saree donned one woman army at the premises of IMA and living for eternity. The film making the woman as “Andal” and the man as “Vaaranam Ayiram soola vanthavar”.

With these inspirations, I had watched the stories of a vehement cop – Kaakha Kaakha and Vettaiyaadu Vilayaadu.

Kaakha Kaakha just defines its man and woman with just two factors – “pengalai nimirnthu parthidaa” (the character of being not looked on any woman) and a fierce police officer for the man and a maths teacher from IIT, Madras for the woman. Where Maniratnam could find the typical pair with an Engineer and a Doctor, GVM found it with a mechanical Engineer and a Mathematic grad. It’s been the Princess at Kambar times, and it’d become Doctor for Maniratnam and for this man, it is a grad in Mathematics.

Vettaiyaadu Vilayaadu, being the film of “The hero” of Tamil, leave the heart dumbstruck, simply with the story of inspiring Man of eye and the fish-eyed woman(Kayalvizhi).

And then came the aesthetic love, Vinnaithaandi Varuvaaya. This is the film where the white and blue gets intertwined and dances gracefully. The poetic lines of dialogues and the romantic colours of the frames drag us into the crazy love of the boy and girl. It’s a repository of romance, where one could pull out innumerable amount of quotes.

And Neethane En Ponvasantham.. The film, very connecting to me and any normal person. When even this normal story is filmed by GVM with his god musician Ilayaraja, it becomes a dramatic awe inspiring film. Simply the drama of Kiss of Love.

And the Yennai Arinthal, the continuation of life of the cop man of Kaakha Kaakha and Vettaiyaadu Vilayaadu brings out the further meaning of the story. GVM himself transcended the tag “Mathematic grad” he gave his heroines, by crowning the woman of this film with “Naatiya Peroli”(Bharathanatyam), the finest and most aesthetic feminine one could encounter. The love between an extreme masculine and the intense feminine just defeats even the match of Ambikavathy and Amaravathy.

And finally the Achcham Yenbathu Madamayada..

A year long wait for the film, hyping up with the song “Thalli pogathey”, made lot of expectations and when the film is tripping to beyond those expectations, it was really a dope effect. The story of a love lead by a travel, a life lead by the love that spins around the phrases “satendru maaruthu vaanilai” and “achcham yenbathu madamayada”, meaning to handle the suddenly changing situations with brave in reference with “The GodFather”, sets out the prototype for a “man”.

So in every film, you could see the life lead by love. The significance of love can’t be said greater than him, who portrays the love as the most prominent inspiring entity. The movies, having the reference with “The GodFather”, the bible for a “man”, become most apt to the tag “inspiring”.  And making the poet Thamarai’s words to pass the soul for the love between the Kada and the Kanchanai, the movies reach the crest of poetry.

And thus in Gautham Menon films, the poetry itself fell in love with the “love”.


Woman of Poetry

Starting my prose work with the finest art delivered by the Tamil girl of 9th century, the first known woman poet of world literature. She, the one, Andal. It’s just a try to start with the moment actually where my taste of literature started. So, this is for her, the Andal and also for the one, who showed the Andal to my eyes, my grandmother.

It was the month, when every day of it has been raised up with the divine vibe, the smell of divine light and words, was when I exposed to that ecstatic and poetic fire of love of a woman on her man. Till that day, I was so repulsive holding hatred over our mother tongue Tamil, as we all brought up through the alien language, the mightiness of our mother language itself was misunderstood. It’s the day when my grand woman told all those aesthetic drama made by Andal and she, herself stood as Andal for my eyes at her devotion with her Krishna and I exposed to this inspirational poetry, well a love story, I had my love towards my mother tongue, being drenched in Kodhai’s honey holding words. That’s the moment I tasted the essence of literature for the first time. Thus, it’s all started with this intoxication of Andal’s mystical words.

She has all those melodious words – maya mayavan, madhavan, poovaip poovannan– not only for her man, but also for her friends and for the Lord’s consort, Nappinnai herself(kandham kamazhum kuzhali, poonguzhal nappinnai, nappinnai nangai thiruve). The words are intensive, straight away connecting to the core of divine, love and Tamil. She, the Andal, not only wakes up the gopikas from their sleep, but she wakes up the entire mankind with the thought of presence of Krishna, with the new orientation for life through her song.

The poetry she made is really not just poetry, but the poetry of love, poetry of lust, poetry of rage and the poetry of ecstasy.

It will be incomplete, if her metier, her dream is unspoken.

Vaaranam ayiram soozha valam seithu

Naarana nambi nadakindran endrethir

Poorana porkudam vaithu puramengum

thoranam naatak kanaakanden thozhinaan!

These were the lines made the soul to become inclusive to Tamil. These lines make everyone to get into literature, where we could bring out the soul’s rantings in the most adorable way than the visuals.

She stood as the epitome of love, how divine a love should be, how devotional a love should be, how intelligent a love should be, how god mad a love should be, how god intoxicated a love should be, by making this dramatic poetry of the sexual union for the mystical union.

So Andal, the only woman who made Krishna himself to be seated in her lap, the woman mystic poet was the woman who laid the legacy for the poetry and of course legacy for the mystic love.

Is anything worth than the Gopura of this woman’s abode for the symbol of modern Tamil Government?!